Why choose our product MPEG Splitter

Sometimes, we need to split video files, especially if you encounter a very large size of video files, the benefits of doing so will not degrade the video quality, efficient and time saving.

Our products (mpeg splitter) has a different split mode, your mpeg video file can be easily adjusted to multiple fragments in any size, or automatically split it into some same fragments, very easy to use. The program built a player, it can be used to preview mpeg video file and locate the cutting position. the software also has unique technology to avoid the "audio and video out of synchronization" occurs after splitting.

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The following are the features of MPEG Splitter:

Split speed: No matter how powerful a software function is, it takes a very long time if it deals with a short video, I believe we will not use the program. Our products (mpeg splitter) split speed is very fast, save you time.

Completely accurate split: The performance of the software is very important to users, it is one of very important references for a user whether a software can accurately split the video or not.

when a user cut a video file, it may modify some of the small parameter, for example: start time, end time, save directory, and so on. Whether the software supports these changes, or whether to facilitate changes, these are very important for users, because it will affect the segmentation results.

while splitting a video file, if the user can not manually enter a time range, can only drag and drop slide bar, there may be some time deviation or less accurate in the cutted video. You can manually enter the time division range, and accurate to the second by using our software mpeg splitter, It can be completely accurate split your video files.

Ease of use: The product interface is very intuitive, almost no second-level menu, basic functions, such as: select the source file, the output directory, split mode, etc., can be found in the main interface, It supports different segmentation methods in order to meet the needs of various users, it is intuitive and very suitable for ordinary users.

Open the video file need to split, select Split mode, specify a storage address in your computer, click Start to begin the splitting task, just a few steps to complete.

Download MPEG Splitter | Buy now! - US$ 25.0